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2016 Videos


Where are the Electrical Wires for Towing?
Scammed for $10 & Other Experiences Selling Our Things
Window Shopping for CAMPING Needs…in Walmart!
We need to FOCUS! (Buying a “Garage Sale” Sign)
Irwin Describes His OCD & “Randomocity”

Irwin’s Honey-Do List
Day of GARAGE SALE – Finally!
Waiting for PODCAST Interview: Our First One
US Virgin Islands Plan (Park 1 of 59)
I need to PRACTICE what I PREACH
4 CHALLENGES we face as we travel FULL TIME in a TRAVEL TRAILER
Goodbye, House!

SOLAR BACKPACK for the Road Trip (ECEEN)



Selling of her Outrigger Canoe (OC-1);
RV? Travel Trailer? Cargo Trailer? Help Us Make a Decision!;
Road Trip To All National Parks Preparation Updates;
What’s For Sale in Our Kitchen?;
Girlfriends Teaching Me How To Fish;
Life Thoughts of Victorina; 



(A Couple To Quit Jobs To Visit All U.S. National Parks;
Our Family’s Reaction When We Told Them We Are Going On A Year Long Road Trip;
How A Typical Conversation With Our Parents Starts;
Triple Trio, Texas Renaissance Festival)



(2016 Top 10 Best Islands)



(Vatican Splendors Exhibit; Eaton Canyon Hiking; Road Trip Without A Destination Part 1 and 2)



(Road Trip on Angeles Crest Highway; Aquarium of the Pacific; Air Force One, Marine One and Oval Office in Simi Valley)