Hi! My name is SquirmyFeet. I am a former travel radio talk show host and a published writer. I didn’t start traveling until I was almost 30 years old. It started when my friend took me to a road trip to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Something in me was awakened that weekend. I asked so many questions about what I was seeing.  I wanted to check out every nook and corner of the town. I was forever changed. I wanted more. Next thing I knew, I was organizing road trips out of state with other friends. Fast forward several years later, I have now visited all seven continents.

I did all that when I was working full time as a Senior Immigration Specialist for an oil and gas company. I was earning comfortable money, but I wouldn’t say I could retire at 40. Since then, my desire to explore and learn about the big wide world defined me.


I am much aware of the reality that most people will have to do a 9 to 5 job or at least have a source of income to travel.  We all need the paycheck!  We also only have 2 weeks (if you are an American) to several weeks of vacation in a year…but that should not discourage you from discovering the world. Don’t let the 9am to 5pm define you. I made that mistake. 

Think about it this way, there are 52 weekends in a year. That gives you 104 days plus at least 14 days of vacation, plus national holidays. That is more than 4 months of time you to get to relax spend away from work.  Think of what you can do in 4 months of exploration!


Here, I will NOT teach you how to quit your job and travel the world, there are many websites for that if that is what you wish, but I can help you escape the busy daily life or mundane routines by encouraging and inspiring you to go places aside from your work cubicle. See and experience interesting places and culture – just like how my friend unknowingly awakened something in me during that road trip to a small town in Texas.

Don’t be afraid. Awaken that burning and nagging desire inside you that have been wanting to explode. I know you find yourself daydreaming about different places you want to see. Maybe even surfing the internet about it. I have been there.

Traveling does not mean hopping on a plane. It could mean exploring a park near you. If you are moving, you are traveling. First step is to get out of your door. There is a big world out there waiting to be discovered. It will forever change your life.

Through this website, find out what places are waiting for you to be discovered. All suggestions you will find here are geared towards 9 to 5’ers (or should I say 9 to 9 for you?), those with limited vacation time (commonly around 2 to 6 weeks of vacation annually), or only have some free time on weekends (after folding the laundry).

Stop looking at pictures. I want you to tell me in the future that you have seen an animal you have never seen before or you have battled the crowds in India or have touched snow up in the mountains of California. Whatever it is, you have already pushed yourself to go outside of your comfort zone and you just made your world a bigger place.


To start finding inspiration to go outside, sign up to receive for short travel articles. They will motivate and push you to make the change needed in your life. They are short and simple to ensure that you are not wasting time in front of the computer. There is also no need to worry about spam being that my main purpose is to get you discovering the world (and not my emails in your junk mailbox). I will share with you some ideas for your annual vacation adventures, weekend trips, day journeys, and how to explore your city even when you do not have the money for a trip. I wish you the best of luck and want you to start thinking about where you can begin exploring. Start living your life today!


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