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Hi!  Our names are Irwin and Victorina.  We call ourselves “SquirmyFeet”. We halt the regular blog postings about our travels in this website because recently, we have made one of the biggest decision in our lives since we got married….  


We have decided to quit our jobs, sell everything that we have and go on an epic road trip of visiting all 59 U.S. National Parks!  Whoah!  This is truly a big goal for us.  It is both exciting and nerve racking!  We have never camped longer than a week, so this will definitely be a journey of a lifetime!  


Before this epic road trip, Irwin worked as a Mechanical Engineer for a HVAC company and Victorina worked as a Sr. Immigration Specialist for an oil and gas company. We are just 2 “ordinary” people from Houston, Texas who want to see, bring awareness and inspire others to appreciate the beauty and power of the Planet Earth.  We need to take care of her more.


Instead of writing about our journey, we would like to share it with you in moving pictures. Follow our journey by subscribing to our vlog in YouTube.  Click here for the link.  You should see a red button that says “subscribe”.  


We will be open about our journey – from letting go of our material possessions, the mistakes we make, our joys, doubts and of course, the wonderful adventures in the backyard of America, the beautiful.
If you missed any of our videos, you can click on the “videos” tab above or click here.  The videos are organized by the month we recorded it. See the world with us!


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Here are some articles/videos about us:

1.  Howdy Philippines, Sept 2016  – (Watch at 25:49): Victorina winning a silver medal in the World Championship in Moscow, Russia 
2.  Pinoy Houston TV, Nov 2016 – Filipino Dragon Boat Coaches (Husband and Wife Team From Houston)
3. Houston Chronicle, Dec 2016 –  Atascocita Couple Sells Everything to Embark on National Park Road Trip