What Is One Item I Always Pack When I Travel?

I was talking to a few friends last weekend and one asked me: “what is one item you always pack with you”? I jokingly said “underwear” 😛

Seriously though, I gave it some thought and I thought about one item I always pack with me (aside from under garments). It’s not my Swiss army knife because I cannot take that with my carry on. It’s not my camera because sometimes I just use my iPhone to take pictures.

Then I thought about how I pack. It dawned on me that first thing I always pack are my convertible pants! It’s the kind of pants that you can zip and unzip to convert to long pants and shorts. If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is a picture:

Convertible Pants - longConvertible pants - shorts


Oh man! This is the most practical thing! Let me break it down to you:

1. Daytime/Night time – It is very practical especially if I am going to a place where it is hot in the daytime and then it gets cooler at night. I can wear it as shorts during the day and then when the sun starts to set, I connect/zip the bottom part to wear them as pants!

2. It’s like having 2 wardrobes in one – you don’t want to wear the same pants on pictures, don’t you? HAHA! No one would know it’s the same pair of pants on pictures! Same pants, different day 🙂

3. You pack lighter! Amen! This is the best part. Instead of packing 2 different bottoms, you can get rid of one of them because you have 2 in 1!

4. And when it is hot, I wear it as pants especially when hiking because it gives me protection from scratches from things sticking out on the path like twigs, thorns, etc….but the best part…I can just unzip it a bit and it gives me an instant ventilation on my legs!

Now you see why I always pack my convertible pants with me. I think, if financially able, every traveler, hiker, adventure seeker, should have one of these! Next time you pack, think of this blog! You’ll thank me 🙂

And when you are ready to buy and want your own convertible pants, come visit my Amazon store and order from there. No, I didn’t write this blog for that. Yes, I earn a commission (at no additional cost to you), but don’t diminish the value of my thoughts above! Go convertible pants!

Featured Image by George Hodan

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