November 2016

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We have started selling our stuff and the first one to go was my outrigger canoe.  I was really sad to see it go, but it went to a friend of ours, so I know she is in good hands:


There are many choices on how to we can do this road trip: Travel Trailer, Pop Up or just simply tent it in different national parks and we just tow a cargo trailer where we can put our stuff.  Here is the video trying to make a decision on what is best for us:


Deciding to give up the “normal” life takes a lot of preparation and details.  Here is an update on how we are doing on our “to do list”:



Now, on to selling the small stuff (after selling my OC1).  We are now into selling what’s in our kitchen:



It started out as a joke that maybe I should learn how to fish, so I can fish for food if we ever go hungry during our road trip.  My awesome girlfriends have arranged a fishing trip, so they can teach me how to fish.  Here are great friends having a wonderful time:


Here, I explained one of the factors why I decided to go for this goal.  Life is short.  I joke around a lot, but sometimes my thoughts run deep:




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