October 2016 Videos

I am sure you have heard our big announcement by now.
If not, here it is…. Irwin and Victorina (us) have decided to stop everything, quit our jobs, sell everything that we’ve got and go on an epic road trip to visit and camp in all U.S. national parks.  Waaaa!!!  I know, right?  Such a big goal!  But we want to do it and we want to do it now while we can. 
Here is the video of our big announcement:


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We will try to document this whole journey/process whenever we can.  We hope to inspire others, though unnerving, to take big leaps and explore the big world out there.  We also hope to show how beautiful Planet Earth is through our videos and hopefully, people will be more sensitive to take care of it. We only have one planet. 


Of course, before we can even make the announcement above publicly, we had to tell our family and close friends first of the plan.  Their reactions were a mixture of fear, surprise, support and even anger, but however they may feel about it, they love us just the same and accept us for who we are and respect our decision.  Here is the compilation of some of their reactions (we were not able to record everyone):



This next video is really not directly related to our road trip, but it was too funny for us to pass the opportunity to make fun of our parents and what we go through whenever we call them.  HAHA!  We need to lighten up more and laugh more.  Can you relate?



The last video we posted for October was us watching our nephew and his choir friends from school perform in the Texas Renaissance Festival.  We recorded their whole performance, so he can watch himself perform.


That’s it!  We hope you enjoyed the different videos we uploaded last month.  We are already looking forward to the November videos!    

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